Our latest project is to build an autonomous house that is inspired by the Earthships of Michael Reynolds, by permaculture and aquaponic principles and more. The goal is to be almost totally autonomous for heating, cooling, water and electricity while enjoying fresh produce all year round.

Here is a first draft of how we’d like to build it.

Main building materials:

  • raw bricks of natural soil with straw for the main walls and thermal mass (https://foldteglabt.hu/gallery/)
  • concrete foundation and for the fish and produce “ponds”
  • foam glass gravel as insulation and drainage below the foundation (https://www.glavel.com/, https://www.misapor.ch/en/)
  • raw bricks/adobe for the inner walls
  • wood/glass for the separation of the habitable part and the greenhouse as well as the outer world
  • wood/zinc?/soil and greenery for the roof